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The Party is Over… What Can you RECYCLE?

Food Packaging: Did your pie come in a plain cardboard box? Curbside and our facility accepts cardboard and paper packaging items that don’t contain food residues. Cans: Don’t just toss empty sauce, soup or veggie cans. Rinse them out and recycle them. Beverage Containers: Recycle your plastic bottles(#1-5&7) and aluminum cans.  Plastic Bags: Are not acceptable at curbside or our center, you can drop off at your local grocery store. Paper Towels, Napkins, Paper Plates, & Tissues: Are all paper products, however, they are never recyclable. Because they usually come in contact with food wastes, greases, and possibly bodily fluids, they are not able to be “cleaned” during the recycling process. Plastic Utensils: Plastic utensils aren’t recyclable for two main reasons. The first reason is their small, skinny shape. When plastic utensils end up at the recycling facility, they tend to either fall through or get stuck in the machinery that sorts objects into groups of the same material. Second, plastic utensils vary in plastic type. They’re commonly made of plastic #1, plastic #5, plastic #6, or bioplastic. Because they are identical in shape and size, the different types of plastic make them very difficult to sort correctly. Plastic Cups: Make sure you purchase plastic cups that are Plastic #1-5 or 7. Most SOLO brand cups and Styrofoam cups are plastic #6 and not recyclable in Pearland.  Before visiting the Stella Roberts Recycling Center (SRRC) it is preferred that you separate your recycling. But first Clean your items! If you want to help reduce recycling contamination you can help by emptying and rinsing your containers of all possible contaminants– such as scrap pieces of food, or any liquids. You do not have to do a thorough deep-clean of every recycled item- BUT just a simple rinse is good for reducing the contamination.