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There are many ways to support Keep Pearland Beautiful beyond having a membership or making a monetary donation. Check out our list of affiliate links and giving ideas that can both benefit your home and business while also benefitting our mission to advance empower citizens to take responsibility for their environment!


KPB Resale Shop

Score unique treasures for your home at the Keep Pearland Beautiful Resale Shop! Your purchase gives pre-loved items a new life and supports a clean Pearland.

Plus, pick up 50 pieces of litter and get 50% off any item – it's a win-win for you and the environment!
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Tayst Coffee - Eco Friendly Coffee Pods

Tayst Coffee is your eco-conscious cup of joe. They offer delicious coffee in single-serve pods that are completely compostable, reducing plastic waste in landfills. They focus on a variety of roast profiles and flavors to satisfy every taste bud, all while keeping the environment in mind.

25% Discount on Compostable Coffee Pods + Free Mug w/ Code: "KPB25" at!

Tru Earth - Earth Friendly Cleaning

Tru Earth offers a line of eco-friendly cleaning products designed to minimize plastic waste. Their products come in the form of dissolvable strips that you add to reusable spray bottles or your washing machine, eliminating the need for bulky plastic jugs and containers. Tru Earth boasts eco-friendly ingredients and highlights the hypoallergenic and concentrated cleaning power of their laundry detergent and multi-surface cleaners.

Purchase via our link ( and KPB will receive 20% of each purchase!