Mission: To empower Pearland citizens to take responsibility for their environment.
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Yardwise Demonstration Garden

Welcome to the Keep Pearland Beautiful Yardwise Demonstration Garden. Created in 2007 with a Waste Management Think Green Grant and volunteers from the community, the Garden serves as an example of community greening utilizing easy-care landscapes, while conserving and protecting natural resources and the environment.

Though known by many names such as Smartscape, Earth-Kind, Water Wise, Grow Green , and Greenscaping, the term Yardwise is most often associated with xeriscaping, a concept that originated in Denver, Colorado to describe a water-conserving alternative to the traditional suburban landscape.

The Yardwise concept utilizes 4 key concepts to help homeowners maintain a healthy yard with less cost, less work, less waste, and more savings. Those concepts are Grasscycling, Mulching, Composting, and a Green Landscape Design and Yardcare. The Keep Pearland Beautiful Yardwise Garden showcases plants that are native or adaptive to Brazoria County climate and work well in either full sun or part shade, like many homes in Pearland. The plants featured in the Garden were carefully chosen to be disease tolerant and work well in the soil found in Pearland.

Come and visit our Yardwise Demonstration Garden, located adjacent to the Stella Roberts Recycling Center. Our Garden provides an excellent example of plants, shrubs, trees, and vines that will flourish in Pearland soil, attract specialized pollinators and insects, provide habitat for wildlife, are especially hardy, and require minimal maintenance. Many of the plants you will find in our garden are not ones that commercial landscapers typically use. And true to the Yardwise concept, you will never find any commercial pesticides or fertilizers, that often harm helpful insects and wildlife, and pollute local creeks and underground water sources.

We hope our Yardwise Demonstration Garden will encourage you to plan and design your own landscape with environmentally friendly and ecologically aware practices, while conserving water and restoring balance to our planet. Welcome to the Keep Pearland Beautiful Yardwise Demonstration Garden!