Mission: To empower Pearland citizens to take responsibility for their environment.
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Beautification Grants

Beautification Grant Guidelines

Basic Philosophy: Keep Pearland Beautiful provides matching grant support to non-profit organizations, neighborhood associations, homeowner associations, schools and school districts and other community organizations that wish to help cultivate community pride in Pearland.
The Grant Review Committee will meet as needed each year as Grant Application Forms are submitted.
After the committee reviews the applications, applicants with eligible projects will be asked to make a presentation to the Grant Review Committee. The committee will then make a recommendation to the Keep Pearland Beautiful Board of Directors and the board will act on the recommendation at its meeting the following month.
Grant Range and Geographical Area: Grants generally range from $500 to $1,000. On a project-by-project basis, however, some grants may be funded at a higher level.
Keep Pearland Beautiful receives funding through recycling revenues generated in the city of Pearland. It is therefore the policy of Keep Pearland Beautiful to fund projects located within the city limits of Pearland. However, exceptions may be made in the case of Pearland Independent School District campuses located outside the city limits.
Requests from individual property owners on their own behalf are not eligible.
Areas of Interest: Areas eligible for funding must be on highly visible sites to be enjoyed by the public. The types of projects include, but are not limited to:
  • Theme, cultural or educational gardens
  • Landscaping using drought tolerant, freeze resistant native plants
  • Tree plantings, using drought tolerant, freeze resistant native trees
  • Removal and prevention of graffiti and litter, including the strategic placement of attractive litter and recycling receptacles
Application Procedures: Organizations and individuals may download an application or receive an application for a grant by contacting the Keep Pearland Beautiful office at 281-489-2795.
Every applicant is required to submit a completely filled out application form, which includes information such as:
  • Amount of Grant funding requested from Keep Pearland Beautiful, including information as to how applicant will match or exceed funding through volunteer labor, donated materials and/or funding from other sources
  • General background, purpose and financial resources of organization and previous experience with similar projects
  • Geographic area to be served
  • The need to be addressed; a clear outline of the project from beginning to end, and the proposed use of Keep Pearland Beautiful funding
  • A commitment to provide maintenance for at least five years
  • The method of operation, goals and anticipated results of the project
In addition each applicant must:
  • Provide a six-month follow-up report using the KPB Grant follow-up report form documenting (we need to know how the funds were used, how many volunteers participated, how many hours the volunteers worked in total on the project, et cetera) the use of the grant funds (including copies of receipts that support spending of all of the grant funds)
  • Submit a new application to the Keep Pearland Beautiful Office for committee approval if the grant project should change significantly after the funding has been awarded
  • Return any funds not used after one year unless an extension is granted by the KPB Board
Attachments to be Included with Grant Application Form:
  • Names of people who will maintain the project, and estimated volunteer hours
  • A detailed cost breakdown of all costs for the materials to be purchased by Keep Pearland Beautiful grant funding
  • Letter-size landscaping plan (landscape designer or landscape architect not required)
  • Photographs of the area (Digital copies on CD/DVD or jump drive is acceptable)
  • Letter of approval from property owner or person responsible for the area (i.e. school superintendent, city parks director, etc.) as applicable
  • Description of soil type and square footage of area to be landscaped